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Fall activities

In previous years, I’ve stopped building as the weather got colder, mostly because I’ve wanted to be able to keep my car in the garage. But now – since I’ve built my fold-up work table, I can quite easily build for a few hours or nights and then clear away my stuff in 10 minutes and have the car back inside in a jiffy. So more builds have happened this year. I’ve put more detailed descriptions of these on the “The cases” page, but here are some photos:




Recent activity in the garage

So, this year, I’ve been re-organizing my garage, which means I haven’t done as much boombox building as I would have liked. It’s nice to finally have a large and sturdy workbench with sufficient light and lots of power outlets though. Not to mention shelves on every available wall so I can store all my stuff. But anyway, here’s what’s happened this summer so far:


First of all, I had to revisit “Number 2”. Half of its speakers had no sound and then an earlier attempt at fixing it seemed to wreck the amp too. Turned out it was just a case of sloppy soldering and wiring (this was one of the first ones I built after all) and now it’s back in it’s former glory, mainly serving as my car stereo.


Next, had a go at converting the case for a movie screen I posted earlier. I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but after spending quite a lot of time on putting all the electronics in, it just didn’t sound very good. Big disappontment, but what can you do? I’ve already started ripping it apart to be able to use the components on other projects (not sure I’ll use the speakers though).


Then, my coworker Eva wanted to buy this case, so I started putting the amp and wiring into it, which turned into another faliure.


On the bench, everything sounded good, but once I cut the holes and mounted the amp and the BT board, there was a horrible noise. Tried two different amps and four BT boards, changed the wiring, tried shielding the amp – nothing worked. At that point I gave up. A shame really, since the case sounded great, I’ll definitely pick up any future similar camera cases. But this one was ruined, since I had cut the holes in the lid for the amp and board. In the future, I’ll only use amps with an integrated BT receiver to avoid problems like this.

So, I didn’t have a case for Eva. Time to revisit another oldie:


This old typewriter case is a bit of a brute, perhaps lacking the retro flair some other cases have, but I like it. It is also HEAVY – but that’s mainly due to the gigantic magnets on the big speakers and this case sounds fantastic. Turns out it wasn’t quite to Eva’s taste though. I will be finishing this soon though I think – this will make a great stereo for someone!

Then, one night, I had an idea. I’ve had this case for a while, not knowing how to handle it:


It’s a bit cardboardy so it needs added structural integrity, but the very rounded corners makes it hard. What if I could take the failed camera case and use it as an inner box for this case. They’re the same size and the camera case also has rounded corners, and is a bit flexible too. I just had to try it, even if it meant ruining the camera case even more. So far, I’ve only put the speakers in, but it sounds good!


Since I had do figure out speaker placement from the inside, where the inner box already had holes cut in it, this one is not for people with OCD – the speakers ARE not perfectly aligned. I still think it’s nice little case though and this will be the first one where I use an amp that’s not available from the outside – there will only be an on/off switch and an input for 12v power – very clean.

I’ve also bought a fantastic old instrument case which I’m planning to build something spectacular out of, but that’ll have to wait until I have better photos, I think.

Miniature movie screen

Beautiful case that used to hold a small screen. The screen was automatically raised by a mechanism that was somewhat of a work of art. Naturally, my first step was to rip it out to make room for speakers and stuff. 

Got a good feeling about this one. 

American Tourister – hell yeah!

I finally catch a break! After a loooong dry spell when it comes to finding good cases, I ran into this. It’s the second AT case I’ve ever seen in Sweden and the last one was huge, battered and in a horrible colour. This one is hard to photograph – it’s a beautiful grey/blue metallic. And the size is great – big enough to hold some serious speakers but small enough to carry around. 

Paid more than I would have liked to but… Totally worth it. Expect great  things from this case!